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What’s really killing your marketing initiatives?

Along with market fluctuations and business movements, it is imperative for any business to handle their marketing activities, tracking leads, campaigns etc. with evermore diligence. Needless to say that, how much account Management and prospect nurturing activities prove to be pivotal for business success. Read More

A light note towards – Lead Generation via Email Marketing

As we all know, Lead generation as an activity is most important drive for any business and its significance is often marked by set of challenges. While, we speak about multiple types of marketing strategies and carry out various methods for penetrating the penchant of our product/services offerings, in a pursuit to create opportunities. Agreeably, there are different types of proven techniques which yield sound lead generation. Read More

Decision Making Based on KPIs

The other day, I was brainstorming on quantifying data driven reports and determining performance areas, typically in an ordeal to find the touch points to understand and project strategic direction. While doing so, I Just penned down few aspects which I thought was appropriate as a starting point for strategic decision making. Hence, just thought of sharing some foundational insight on the same. Read More

Integration of ADXStudio with CRM

Instructions to set up Adxstudio Portal websites for Dynamics 365. An ADX Studio setup is required before getting started with the configuring of ADX Portal for Dynamics 365. ADX Studio Setup is available for download on ADX website. Read More

Preamble On "Team"

Although this can be a very detailed subject for discussion as this subject matter has high level of complexity with numerous organics that come into play. However, let’s try to hover a little on this topic, and explore the backdrop to begin with, at least to approach and identify. Read More